Assessment of Current Competence

Assessment of Current Competence

PMIIA Assessment of Current Competence

The PMIIA assessment of current competence is a formal assessment of your skills and experience against IIA-Australia’s Internal Auditor Competency Framework.

This page covers the application to be assessed, the role of the competency framework, how the different methods of assessment work, and how assessment results are reported to you.

Applying for a PMIIA assessment of current competence

To apply for a PMIIA assessment of current competence you must provide:
  • an application to sit a viva voce examination (available for CAEs only) and a current curriculum vitae OR
  • a completed portfolio of evidence form and supporting documentary evidence
plus either:
  • a passing score on the IPPF Mastery Course - applicants will be supplied with access to the online IPPF Mastery Course which will electronically report their assessment result OR
  • evidence of meeting the IPPF Mastery Course exemption criteria
    - being a CAE who has received a 'Generally complies with the Standards' in an external quality assurance review during the past five years
    -  successful completion of either Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Part 1, or Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP) since 2009.

Application forms

arrow Already a member? Please use this transition application form
arrow Not a member? Please use the member application form

Upon receipt of the application form, further information will be supplied to you to enable you to complete the process.

The role of the Internal Auditor Competency Framework

IIA-Australia’s Internal Auditor Competency Framework was developed to answer a need for well-trained internal auditors and consistent professional performance. The development process consulted Australian stakeholders, considered the Australian business environment, and the Australian regulatory and legal framework. The existing frameworks developed by IIA Global, IIA UK and Ireland were also considered.  

The Australian Internal Auditor Competency Framework:
  • provides the criteria for assessments of current competence, and
  • underpins the curriculum for the Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing.

How a viva voce examination works

The viva voce examination (available for CAEs only) is an oral examination, conducted by a panel of your peers who are PMIIAs . It is similar to a behavioural job interview. The examination is based on the IIA-Australia Internal Auditor Competency Framework .

To demonstrate your competence in each area of competence, provide relevant examples from your professional practice:
  • describe the specific situation or task
  • detail the action and steps you took
  • outline the result and outcome of your actions – what happened and what you learnt.

How to prepare a portfolio of evidence

A portfolio of evidence provides documentary evidence to demonstrate that you are competent in the specified area to the standard required by the IIA-Australia Internal Auditor Competency Framework

You must demonstrate competence in each area of competence to pass. Your evidence needs to convince the assessor you have acquired and fulfilled the requirements of the competencies through your professional practice. Evidence could be:
  • work documents such as an internal audit report, audit plan, internal memo, spreadsheet, minutes of a meeting, proposal, presentation to clients or a conference
  • a competency statement describing and event which demonstrated your competence
  • a workplace performance appraisal where a particular competency was assessed.

Your assessment results

Assessments are graded either pass or incomplete. The applicant will receive notification by mail. An applicant who passes will receive a professional member certificate and be entitled to use the post-nominal, PMIIA. Applications considered incomplete will receive information about areas requiring improvement, and will have the option to provide further evidence to pass the assessment.

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