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About IIA-Australia and Internal Audit Profession

IIA-Australia Strategic Plan 2015 - 2017

Strategic Outcomes

Mission: To advance the profession and practice of internal auditing

Vision: Internal audit professionals are universally recognised as indispensable to effective governance, risk management, and control for the public good

Guiding Principles

IIA-Australia must:
1. Represent its members and promote their interests
2. Enhance the Internal Audit brand (awareness of the Profession and the importance it plays in organisational sustainability)
3. Operate in surplus and remain solvent
4. Leverage technology to enhance member service and gain operational efficiency, effectiveness and economy
5. Remain closely aligned to IIA-Global
6. Operate according to appropriate values, ethical standards and codes of conduct

Our Objectives

1. IIA-Australia is valued and highly regarded by its members, with high member capture and retention rates (Membership)
2. IIA-Australia will develop high-performing internal audit professionals that are indispensable to their organisations (Professionalism)
3. IIA-Australia will positively raise the profile of, and demand for, professional internal auditing (Advocacy)
4. IIA-Australia will align itself to a revised global operating model governed by IIA- Global (Governance)
5. IIA-Australia will build and consolidate its financial base in order to meet its mission and achieve its strategic goals (Financial)
6. IIA-Australia will build a team of professional staff and volunteers to achieve its mission (People)

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