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CPE Requirements

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is essential to ensure that professionals continually improve their technical knowledge and skills. It is a membership requirement of the IIA-Australia. 

Members accumulate CPE 'points' based on the number of hours of approved activity undertaken. Typically, Members are required to undertake 60 hours over two years, with a minimum of 15 hours in any one year, with Professional Members or Fellows requiring 80 hours over two years. 

This requirement differs for Certified members:

CIA - 40 hours per year
- CGAP, CCSA, CFSACRMA - 20 hours per year

Full information about CPE points for IIA-Australia members is available in the By-laws.

What is an Approved CPE Activity?

An approved activity includes:


Attendance at technical sessions of professional societies; seminars and conferences; formal in-house training programs; college or university courses passed; formal distance learning program; webinars.

Publications (Writing)

Books up to 50 hours; Articles up to 25 hours; Research papers up to 25 hours.

Oral Presentations

First presentation three times the length of the presentation, plus the presentation time. Later presentation, the length of the presentation presentation.


Participating as an officer or committee member in a professional or industry organisation related to internal auditing, up to 10 hours per annum.

Quality Assurance

Undertaking Quality Assurance Review activities.


How do you Monitor and Report your CPE Activities?

Members are required to monitor and keep a record of their own CPE points and must attest compliance annually with their membership renewal. IIA-Australia reports annually on CPE for members holding IIA Global Certifications.