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Internal Audit News and Advocacy


As the leading body for the internal audit profession in Australia, the IIA-Australia aims to promote the quality and the authority of the profession. This involves informing and influencing the legislative and regulatory environment to ensure that the profession can make a valuable and strong contribution in Australian business, government and to the national economy; it is also about ensuring the profession is well represented with decision makers and influencers.

To achieve this, the Institute contributes to public policy development by engaging actively with policy-makers through position papers, written submissions and extensive representations on governance working groups. 

Submissions to Regulators and Standard Setters

The IIA in Australia and internationally makes submissions on exposure drafts when they directly affect the internal audit profession, its members and its sphere of influence.

Position Papers on Key Issues

The IIA in Australia and internationally develops position papers which summaries the IIA-Australia's policy positions in relation to key issues in the internal audit sphere of influence.

International Representation on IIA Global Committees

IIA-Australia is well represented on The IIA's global committees to ensure that the views and needs of the Australian market are well understood as part of the IIA's global process for setting policy, standards, guidance, strategy and member services.

Representation on Working Groups in Australia and Abroad

IIA-Australia is represented on a number of prominent working groups in Australia such as the ASX Corporate Governance Council which provides guidance on the governance of Australian listed companies.

Presentation Material

IIA-Australia publishes a range of material in diverse formats to help communicate the Internal Audit's position as a highly recognised, trusted and valued profession.