Career Mapping

The IIA is excited to introduce IIA Career Map™, the new free online tool that allows you to create a directional plan for your career. In a short online session, you can evaluate your proficiency in specific skills essential to further growth and opportunities in your internal audit career. 

IIA Career Map™ allows you to evaluate your skill set against the Internal Audit Competency Framework according to a job role, providing an invaluable snapshot of where you are and what you need to do to close any gaps and take your career to the next level. 

Outlined below are the simple steps to set up your path to success.

  1. Click on the Start your Development Plan button below and enter your Global ID and password
  2. Perform your Self-Assessment to assess your skills (we recommend you get your manager to review your self-assessment)
  3. View your Evaluation Detail to identify your skill gaps in your current role
  4. Select development opportunities in your Personalised Learning Plan to bridge your skill gaps
  5. View your Development Plan and start your recommended activities
  6. Use the Career Planning tab to compare your skills against other internal audit roles.  See what skills and resources you need to advance your career. 

Start Your Development Plan

Below are a list of all the courses and the corresponding proficiency level that are currently available via our public and in-house training programs:

Level 1: Limited Awareness

Level 2: General Awareness

Level 3: Applied Knowledge

Level 4: Skilled

Level 5: Expert