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All Policy Documents

This page contains all the key policies candidates need to be familiar with regard to the GradCertIA.


  P1 - Candidate Plagiarism (PDF, 519KB)
  P2 - Candidate Selection and Admission (PDF, 457KB)
  P4 - Grievance Policy (PDF, 424KB)
  P6 - Candidate Assessment (PDF, 515KB)
  P5 - Candidate Progression, Exclusion and Graduation Policy (PDF, 436KB)
  P8 - Candidate Support (PDF, 644KB)
  P13 - Candidate Fees and Tuition Assurance (PDF, 447KB)

Code of Conduct

  P14 - Code of Academic Conduct (PDF, 473KB)

Intellectual Property & Copyright

  P11 - Intellectual Property & Copyright Policy (PDF, 634KB)


  P12 - Privacy & Security of Information Policy (PDF, 430KB)

Quality Assurance 

  P7 - Quality Assurance Policy (PDF, 498KB)

Records and Document Management

  P3 - Records & Document Management Policy (PDF, 368KB)

Academic Staff

  P9 - Code of Conduct and Personnel Practices
  P15 - Academic Staff Qualifications Policy (PDF, 411KB)

Learning Resources

  P10 - Development and Review of Learning and Information Resources (PDF, 411KB)