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Software Directory

The following is a list of companies that provide internal auditing software packages and the products that they currently offer.

Wolters Kluwer

TeamMate Audit Management System, is the award-winning solution that has revolutionized the audit process.  The TeamMate Suite consists of six key components that are all part of an integrated tool set, which can increase the efficiency and productivity of your entire audit process including risk assessment, scheduling, planning, execution, review, trend analysis, committee reporting, and storage.

With 20 years of excellence, innovation and development, TeamMate is trusted by over 95,000 auditors from more than 2,200 organizations worldwide.


TeamMate Analytics
, is a collection of more than 150 tools, specifically for use by auditors and accountants. It is designed to support audit and control functions across all aspects of an organization and to put powerful data analysis tools in the hands of your entire department.

It runs on top of Excel, which most auditors use every day, and has been designed with ease of use at its core. Unlike other CAATs software, TeamMate Analytics provides auditors of all IT skill levels with access to powerful data analysis tools, without needing weeks of training or a background in IT.

TeamMate Analytics is used by internal auditors, fraud examiners, finance managers, and accountants. Our users range from audit departments of one auditor to those with more than 100, and from sole practitioner CPAs to Big 4 accounting firms in more than 70 countries worldwide.


TeamMate Controls Management System, is the compliance software to address SOX, A-123, and other financial reporting compliance standards. The highly flexible design and dynamic working view allow for quick access to relevant data and for performing multiple activities from a single screen.  It easily manages compliance management activities where identification, evaluation, testing and certification reporting are required.  It can be used as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrated with the award winning and audit industry standard TeamMate Audit Management System.

Visit: www.TeamMateSolutions.com

ARC Logics, powered by the regulatory intelligence and deep industry expertise of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, is an enterprise GRC management tool for financial institutions. Its modular components measure, monitor and manage compliance, financial and operational risk. This unique tool combines regulatory intelligence and financial analytics with efficient policy, procedure and process management capabilities for increased transparency and control. 

Visit: www.wolterskluwerfs.com


The Protiviti Governance Portal is a comprehensive software platform that integrates content and commonly accepted and proprietary frameworks with world-class consulting expertise. It provides organisations with the visibility and insight needed to manage and mitigate critical risk and compliance issues today and in the future.

Protiviti delivers solutions that leverage the experience of our expert consultants who have worked with thousands of global clients. The Governance Portal has the built-in knowledge needed to deliver targeted GRC software solutions that address your immediate needs while facilitating convergence toward fully integrated, value-added GRC practices.



ACL is widely recognised as the global premier Audit and Data Analytics solution.  ACL software solutions enables the comprehensive, independent testing and monitoring of all transactional data, providing organisations the ability to validate the effectiveness of internal controls whilst offering total data assurance.

Satori Group is the primary distributor of ACL in Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands. Satori’s ACL clients include Coca Cola Amatil, Metcash, Toyota, JB HiFi and Westpac.

Visit: www.satorigroup.com.au 

Pentana enables internal auditors to efficiently and effectively manage the entire internal audit cycle. Features such as centralising data, risk assessment, action tracking and scheduling of tasks and resources combine to greatly improve the quality of audits and give users the ability to do more audits with the same team.

Satori Group is the exclusive distributor of Pentana in Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands. Satori’s Pentana clients include the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Harvey Norman, Brisbane City Council and Air Services Australia.

Visit: www.satorigroup.com.au

Continuous Control Monitoring is a vital solution for organisations with large volumes of transactional data. SatoriCCM constantly monitors key business areas to identify abnormal transactions, which are then work flowed to complete mitigation. It provides the assurance that the processes and policies are working effectively and that all exceptions are followed up in a structured and timely manner.

Satori Group is the exclusive distributor of SatoriCCM in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. Companies who use SatoriCCM include Coca Cola Amatil, Metcash, Energex and Queensland Health.

Visit: www.satorigroup.com.au

CaseWare IDEA

IDEA® Data Analysis Software is a powerful and user-friendly data analysis tool designed to help auditors perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns.

IDEA allows you to analyse 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and provides easy analysis with over 100 audit-relevant tasks.

IDEA SmartAnalyzer offers an extensive set of routines for the analysis of general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets and accounts payable transactions that can be used to improve audit quality and consistency



MetricStream is a market leader in Internal Audit and GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) solutions. The MetricStream Audit Management solution is used by corporations and governmental entities to streamline, automate and integrate audit programs across the organisation resulting in reduced costs and improve business assurance.  Independent analysts recognise MetricStream as a leader in Audit solutions and GRC platforms.


MKinsight Audit Management System

MKinsight Audit Management System has emerged as world class audit management system.  Its success is based upon user friendliness, intuitiveness, modern technology, single user interface / database, web enabled but not web dependent functionality, full configurability and unique scoring methodology.

MKinsight allows internal auditors to manage complete audit process, including audit planning, audit scheduling, audit management, audit field work, audit reporting and audit follow-up, and risk managers and business units to build risk registers which are fully integrated with audit process.


Nasdaq BWise

Nasdaq BWise is a global leader in Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) software. The end-to-end solutions support an organisation’s ability to understand, track, measure, and manage key organisational risks and are all part of the part of the BWise integrated Governance, Risk management, and Compliance Platform. BWise sales, service and support offices around the globe provide for the GRC needs of hundreds of leading companies worldwide.


BWise® Internal Audit supports the end-to-end audit process based on an annual risk assessment of the business; the audit universe is determined, and the annual audit plan is created and aligned with the audit committee. Then, based on the available audit frameworks, individual audits are set-up and scheduled. The audit execution consists of several steps that include desk-top research, fieldwork and finally reporting. Findings are shared with the business units and recommendations are provided for adequate follow-up.


BWise® Audit Analytics adds the ability to securely take data from sources such as SAP and Oracle, by exporting the data on a protected memory stick. No live connection is required to gather and analyze data during the audit execution. The data analysis performed and results documented in audit work papers, can then be synchronized with the audit. BWise Audit Analytics enables users to create rules that define how to analyze this data. The true integration of risk and control frameworks with rules, enables auditors to conduct advanced data analysis on external data

 www.bwise.com/solutions/internal-audit/audit-analytics .

BWise® Risk Management supports the end-to-end risk management process, ranging from initial risk identification, through risk assessment and evaluation to risk mitigation and monitoring, tracking and managing incidents, and ensuring proper follow-up and integrated reporting. Following ISO 31.000 ERM methodology, COSO ERM and many other risk methodologies, BWise clients keep a keen eye on their key organisational risks at all levels.


BWise® Compliance and Policy Management supports the end-to-end compliance process and helps compliance teams quickly identify company policies and business processes directly impacted by each regulation. BWise gives enhanced visibility on internal compliance activities and real-time regulatory alerts from various sources, such as StateScape, ERC Portal, FINRA, UCF and many others. Compliance teams can then determine whether to engage business process owners using targeted compliance assessment campaigns and action plans to remediate compliance issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.


BWise® Information Security supports organisations to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve their Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Standards such as ISO27001, NIST, UCF, COBIT, PCI DSS and ISF are used as references. BWise InfoSec brings these standards together into one solution with one process and one library to easily manage the ISMS. By doing so, information security threats are immediately clear, priorities are swiftly set, and mitigating action can be taken in time, before the risk will actually materialize.


BWise® Internal Control supports and streamlines the financial control process, facilitating first, second, and third lines of defense. Depending on your needs, it may be used as a self-assessment tool, or be used for independent testing by peers, dedicated departments or Internal Audit. BWise® Internal Control integrates the overall control process, including identification and repair of anomalies. Management information can be made available at all levels of the organization, showing progress in the overall process, deficiency overviews, action plan status and detailed control information.