Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Online – October 2023

Course access opens  : 01 October 2023Completion by date    : 31 October 2023 This course is eligible for an assessment-based Microcredential. To know more, click Microcredentials or contact us at [email protected] us for the Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Online, the most convenient way to build your understanding of the internal audit process and its key aspects. Delivered over four weeks and […]

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Probity Audit Fundamentals: Understanding the Role of a Probity Auditor & Implementing Effectiveness

A probity audit is an assurance engagement, in which a probity auditor provides independent scrutiny of a procurement process and expresses an objective opinion as to whether the prescribed probity requirements have been adhered to. The conclusion expressed should be based on evidence gathered against prescribed criteria.   Independence is essential to a probity audit.  A […]

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COSO ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) – Online Classroom

The complexity of the business environment has increased and a new consciousness of the requirement to manage the risks that arise from operating in this environment has emerged. Managing risk is everyone’s responsibility. The Committee of Sponsoring Organisations (COSO) Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework is a way of organising your approach to managing risk. The […]

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Assurance Mapping – Online Classroom

Are there gaps in your assurance framework that could potentially expose your organisation?Assurance mapping is a tool that enables Internal Auditors to visually present all assurance activities of the organisation, both internal and external, as they apply to the organisation's risks.  For example, the map might depict the top risks such as the most likely strategic […]

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Root Cause Analysis – Online Classroom

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) identifies and analyses the hidden causes of problems and provides the tools needed to determine what can be done to prevent them from reoccurring. RCA illustrates how to drill down to the root cause of problems and implement solutions to the cause rather than the symptom, preventing ongoing occurrence and associated […]

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Whistleblowing, investigating and Reporting – Online Classroom

Ever been involved in the whistleblowing process and need to know more?  A whistleblowing policy is essential to any organisation. Internal auditors are ‘eligible recipients’ under the Corporations Act and whistleblowers may disclose a whistleblower matter to an internal auditor or external auditor, including a member of an audit team conducting an audit. As a […]

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Internal Audit’s Guide to Ransomware – Online Classroom

How can internal audit assist organisations in defending themselves against bad actors who are using their own technology against them? How can organisations protect themselves?  Organisations have worked diligently for decades to protect data and information assets. Organisations deploy encryption technology, access limitations, and physically and logically segment valuable, sensitive, and proprietary data and information […]

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