Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Online – June 2024

Course access opens  : 01 June 2024Completion by date   : 30 June 2024 This course is eligible for an assessment-based Microcredential. To know more, click Microcredentials or contact us at [email protected] us for the Fundamentals of Internal […]

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Agile Auditing – Online Classroom

In today's fast-paced business environment, more and more organisations are adopting agile methodologies to gain the edge for speed to market and effectively conduct business. Moving away from traditional ways […]

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Probity Audit Fundamentals – Online Classroom

Probity Audit Fundamentals: Understanding the Role of a Probity Auditor & Implementing Effectiveness  A probity audit is an assurance engagement, in which a probity auditor provides independent scrutiny of a […]

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Compliance Auditing 101 – Online Classroom

Compliance auditing is typically used to evaluate whether the organisation is following external regulations; however, it can also be used at a corporate level to determine whether a subsidiary company […]

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