Webinar: Supply Chain Risk Management – Why is it a Concern for Every Business?

In an ever-evolving global market, businesses face unprecedented challenges that can significantly impact their supply chain, from staff shortages and distribution hiccups to environmental and political upheavals. Join us for an insightful webinar, as we explore the intricate landscape of Supply Chain Risk Management.    Key takeaways: Sources of Risk: Understand the diverse array of risks […]

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Webinar: Third-party exposure risk – are your contracts in order?

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective utilisation of third-party relationships is critical for success. Join our insightful webinar, “Understanding your Accountabilities when using Third Parties”, as we explore the key aspects of managing external partnerships and contracts. Topics covered: Understanding your accountabilities when using third parties.The importance of ensuring integrity and independence in awarding contracts.How […]

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Webinar: Developing an Effective Internal Audit Strategy

Standard 9.2 of the new Global Internal Audit Standards released this year states that “The chief audit executive must develop and implement a strategy for the internal audit function that supports the strategic objectives and success of the organization and aligns with the expectations of the board, senior management, and other key stakeholders”. An effective internal […]

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