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Inclusive Leadership - Enhancing the Career Progression of Women


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How different are men and women’s ways of communicating - and do these differences help us explain why it’s proved so hard to get more women into the senior ranks of Australian organisations?
In this engaging presentation, Dr Margaret Byrne from UGM Consulting will draw on findings from her filmed research. She took cameras into 30 organisations and recorded exactly how men and women communicate at work. She found that narrow and outdated definitions of both masculinity and leadership don’t disadvantage just women. They also have a negative impact on many men who, because of their personality, interests, cultural background or sexual orientation, may not be seen as ‘fitting in’. Still today, in many Australian organizations, both men and women can feel pressured to behave according to old stereotypes in order to be accepted and get ahead.
Margaret’s research also explores ‘cognitive diversity’ as a resource that supports innovation and high performance. This term refers to how a diverse team’s ability to think differently about a problem can achieve a breakthrough beyond the reach of talented individuals working alone. Such diversity can arise from differences in training and life experience, but also from differences in social identity stemming from our gender and culture.

Across the globe, organisations are asking how they can tap into the cognitive diversity in their midst in order to achieve superior results. Margaret will examine both the dividends and the very real difficulties presented by our differences. She will set out a few practical actions we can all take to create more inclusive workplaces, where women and men can work side by side, competing for senior roles on the basis of merit and talent alone.

Dr. Margaret Byrne, Principal Consultant
Margaret has a BA and MA from Oxford, and postgraduate qualifications in adult learning from Bristol University. In 2005, she completed her PhD, exploring how leadership potential is identified in meetings, including meetings involving Australians working in Asia.

Margaret holds three awards for innovation in the design of executive development and change management programs. She is known for the way she balances intellectual rigour with a passion for practical outcomes that make a measurable difference to leaders and their organisations. Clients value her ability to stimulate strategic thinking and change at all levels. In 2004, Wollongong University appointed her Honorary Advisor on Leadership and Change.

Outside Australia, Margaret has worked and consulted in China, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, India, UK, USA, New Zealand, France, Germany and Italy, as well as in four Pacific nations. She is a qualified and highly experienced executive coach.  In 2007, Margaret was a winner of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in the Corporate Sector Category and a National Finalist.

As well as consulting across the region, Margaret also conducts research, particularly in the area she’s passionate about: international meetings where counterparts from different national cultures must work together to solve problems and make decisions. Three of Margaret’s films on this topic have been shown six times now on Australian television and sold with an accompanying book which Margaret authored. Her resources on cultural competence in print, film and online formats are widely used by consultants in Australia and internationally, as well as being used as texts in Masters Programs in universities in Australia and Europe.

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