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NSW Chapter AEN Meeting

Understanding the recent updates to the ATO’s Tax Risk Management and Governance Review guidelines and the role of Internal Audit.
The ATO has intensified its interest in tax corporate governance (TCG) of businesses operating in Australia and has released formal guidance setting out what is considers to be “better practices” in respect of TCG.  The ATO’s Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide (the Guide) (first published in 2015 and later expanded in 2017) sets out Board level and Managerial level responsibilities for the management of tax risk, along with a framework for controls and testing.  The Guide was further expanded in April 2018 to explicitly include “better practices” relating to Indirect Tax, solidifying the view that tax corporate governance should be considered through a “whole of tax” lens.
In this session, we will cover:

Why tax risk governance is important to Corporates
-          What controls to look for in assessing a Corporate’s tax risk governance (including now in the area of Indirect Tax); and
-          How to test the effectiveness of those controls in managing the Corporate’s tax risks, in light of the ATO’s updated Guidelines.
Speaker: Fiona Moore – Partner – Tax Controversy - EY 
Fiona is a partner in the EY Tax Controversy practice, with a focus on tax corporate governance and risk management.  Fiona’s background in corporate tax compliance and understanding of tax functions provides a foundation for working with clients to develop and enhance bespoke tax corporate governance frameworks.  This has been a natural fit with her advising clients in relation to Reportable Tax Positions and transparency.  With over 15 years’ experience, Fiona is well versed in taxpayer rights and responsibilities, and also has a wealth of experience advising clients in relation to the entire tax audit life cycle (in doing so, advising on both tax technical and administrative issues) and dispute resolution - both formal and informal.
Speaker: Andrew Cavenor – Executive Director – Indirect Tax - EY 
Andrew leads EY’s Indirect Tax Systems, Process and Data Analytics practice in Australia. Andrew has significant experience in advising clients in GST technology, systems, processes and controls necessary to manage GST reporting risk. He has worked closely with clients across all industries to assist them with ATO GST audits, undertaking GST risk reviews, and providing GST advice on transactions of all types. With 18 years of Indirect Tax experience, Andrew combines his system and process expertise with his Tax technical background to improve his client’s tax corporate governance frameworks.

Sponsor:   EY

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Venue and date:

Date: Thursday, 21 June 2018 - 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Location: Sydney


EY Centre

Level 35

200 George Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


Status: Available

Duration and CPE: 1.00 hours

For more information please contact Michelle Bailey

+61 2 9267 9155