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Developing and Auditing a Risk Management Framework

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Internal Audit is vital in the proper management of risk and risk governance.  Current corporate governance codes like that of ASX place Internal Audit very much front and centre in this.

Learn more about contemporary risk management frameworks and processes in this highly interactive and practical course, loaded with real-life down-to-earth case studies from both private and public sectors.  Drawing on the latest thinking and applying it to real situations, immerse yourself in content and discussions that are tailored to your growth as a professional and to further development of Internal Audit and Risk Management in your organisation.

The end result? Improve the performance and effectiveness of risk management in your organisation.

Benefit from the Right Topics

- Ensuring the right path and foundation:  setting purpose, objectives and criteria for internal audit in your risk management framework; ensuring alignment with key stakeholders and responsibilities; confirming and reinforcing the role and benefit of internal audit

- Ensuring clear and proper understanding of risk and risk management in your organisation: defining types of risk; identifying common risk relationships like accumulation or concentration of risk and their importance; assessing risk, risk appetite, risk attitude, residual risk and risk resilience; defining risk indicators for audit and reporting

- Ensuring clear and proper risk mitigation: types of risk control and risk control measures and confirming what they actually do; confirming risk response; defining risk management performance measures for audit and reporting; confirming and reinforcing the role of internal audit here

- Understanding the only Australian standard on risk management: Australian and international risk management standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management - Principles and guidelines; how to practically apply it for governance and audit; comparing and combining internal control and risk management

- Ensuring your risk management is complete and working: defining and assessing effectiveness; ensuring risk management encompasses key business linkages outside your immediate organization; ensuring all the elements above come together to form an effective risk management framework; understanding and reinforcing risk management behaviours; confirming the quality of risk management by your organisation

- Assurance: delivering comfort to your organisation's management and other stakeholders by providing objective advice and assurance on risk.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Improve the ability to recognise and assess risk to the organisation
  • Understand the essential elements underpinning effective risk management and the role of internal audit in these 
  • Establish clear performance measures for effective risk management
  • Improve the knowledge and capability of internal audit to contribute to risk management and its effectiveness


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