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Effective Interviewing for Internal Auditors (Available Anytime 2022)

Internal auditors have a great eye for detail and are highly skilled at reviewing data. But when it comes to interviews, their experience is usually built from studying interviews performed by other internal auditors. With interviews playing such a pivotal role in identifying control failures and fraud, focused training in interviewing techniques is vital to successfully executing an internal audit review.


This course will help internal auditors work at their own pace and schedule to develop skills in drawing out vital information and understanding the physical and verbal cues that indicate the omission of facts or outright deception in an interview.

Learning Outcomes

·         The importance of interviewing for the auditor and the organisation

·         Structure and style elements of audit interviewing

·         Planning and preparation for interviewing different types of people  

·         Conducting interviews to build rapport and control the conversation  

·         The importance of word usage in spoken vs written expression

·         Formulating the right questions

·         Asking the right follow-up questions  

·         Analysing changes in behaviour in response to questioning


This is an online, on-demand course with no structured times for content delivery. Enrolment and access to the course will be confirmed by email within 24 hours of payment.



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Saturday, 1 January 2022 to Saturday, 31 December 2022
Online Self-Paced Learning


Overseas Non-Member (GST free)
IIA - New Zealand (GST Free)

Duration and CPE
4 Hours, 4.00 hours
For more information please contact Kalpana Dhasan
+61 02 9267 9155