Chief Audit Executive "60 Second Survey"

To make sure Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) have the latest information from the internal audit profession and their peers, IIA-Australia has introduced a new feature – the Chief Audit Executive "60 Second Survey".

The idea is to periodically survey IIA-Australia's CAE members about emerging topics that are relevant to the internal audit and assurance profession.

Collated results will be circulated first to all CAEs within one week of the close-off date for each survey. They will later be made available to IIA-Australia members more generally. 

Please see below list of reports. 
Internal Audit and Risk Management - Separate or Together? - February/March 2023

Internal Audit Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) - January 2023

Data Breaches and Privacy - November 2022

Modern Slavery - October 2022

Fraud and the Changing Work Environment - August 2022

Business Continuity and the Pandemic - June 2022

3 Lines Model - May 2022

Audit Action Tracking - April 2022

Audit Action Tracking Software - December 2021

Internal Audit Independence - November 2021

Internal Audit Staffing - August 2021

Internal Audit Engagement with ESG Issues - July 2021