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IIA-Australia Member Wins the William S. Smith Award & John Blackman Award

by User Not Found | Aug 30, 2017
IIA-Australia would like to congratulate Drew Turner PMIIA CIA on earning the 2016 William S. Smith CIA - Certificate of Honors Award for outstanding performance on the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) examination.

This is a tremendous achievement and demonstrates not only completing the CIA exam on the first attempt for each part, but also submitting one of the best exam papers globally in 2016.

Given that during 2016 the IIA delivered over 46,000 CIA exam parts, and awarded the designation to over 7,000 individuals makes this accomplishment even more impressive.

Furthermore, Drew was also awarded the John Blackman Award from IIA-Australia. This award recognises the effort that goes into passing the CIA examinations by singling out the internal auditor who has passed all three parts at the highest level by an Australian candidate.

The aim of the John Blackman Award is to demonstrate the IIA-Australia's commitment to the highest standards of professional practice in internal auditing.