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Call for nominations (IIA Global Committees 2019-2020)

by Nicola Morgan | Sep 04, 2018

The IIA is calling for nominations to IIA Global Committees. Information about the Committees and what is required can be found here. Those appointed to serve will begin their terms in April 2019 or July 2019 (generally for a three year period).

If you wish to have IIA-Australia support and endorsement of your nomination there is a two-step process

  • Consult the information on the IIA Global website and submit your nomination - information and the online nomination form can be found here
  • Send a copy of the nomination content to the Company Secretary by midday on Tuesday 2 October 2018. The IIA-Australia Nominations Committee will review the nominations received and recommend to the Board those members to receive IIA-Australia support and endorsement of the nomination submitted to IIA Global. Endorsement will be provided by the IIA Global deadline of 12 October 2018.

The terms for support by the IIA-Australia Board include:

  • to present a report to the IIA-Australia Board informing it of developments and decisions taken by the international committee of which they are a member
  • agree with the CEO on ways that they can and will contribute in a tangible and direct way to the success of IIA-Australia during the period they are a member of an international committee.  Examples include:
    • being prepared to deliver a webinar for members nationally on a topic on which they have specific expertise, or
    • presenting at a local Chapter Members’ Meeting, or
    • contributing to IIA-Australia Factsheets or White papers. 

A modest allowance of $600 per face-to-face meeting (two per year) may be available.

IIA-Australia has a number of representatives on IIA Global Committees.  Information about this can be found here.

Following its usual practice, the IIA-Australia Board will be nominating a small number of members for a position on the new format IIA Global Board.