New IIA-Australia Technical Resources

by Tess Borges | Jun 10, 2021
The 20 Critical Question Series - What directors should ask about corporate culture
Corporate Culture – An organisation’s culture is the sum of its shared values, principles and behaviours. A useful working definition is ‘a set of shared mental assumptions that guide interpretation and action in organisations by defining appropriate behaviours for various situations’. A colloquial definition frequently heard in workplaces is ‘the way we do things around here’ or ‘what we expect around here’.
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White paper: The Obligation Hierarchy
There is no clear industry wide method for categorising (compliance) obligations. The purpose of this White Paper is to provide a bias-free framework for prioritising and categorising obligations for any sized organisation in any industry.
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Factsheet: Chief Audit Executive Reporting
Internal audit independence is achieved by the chief audit executive reporting:
  • Functionally for operations to the audit committee through the chair.
  • Administratively to the chief executive officer. 
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