New Course - Communicating Internal Audit Results – Online Course on Internal Audit Reports – Self-paced on-demand learning

by Tess Borges | Oct 14, 2021
IIA-Australia is excited to add a new course to our online offerings, ‘Communicating Internal Audit Results’, to help participants take their internal audit reports to the next level. Learn how to organise and deliver your findings efficiently in an internal audit report that is in alignment with the IPPF standards.

The Internal Audit report is the primary deliverable of each Internal Audit engagement, but it is not an easy thing to do well. A well-written report can enhance the credibility of both you and the Internal Audit function, whereas a badly written report can have the opposite effect. Do not let all that effort you put into your fieldwork go to waste!

This self-paced course gives you hands-on experience in developing effective audit reports with a minimum of fuss. The course is made up of sample reports and activities alongside videos created by communication experts specifically for this course to help you communicate efficiently and efficiently.

Available online on-demand from Wednesday 13 October 2021. The course should take approximately five-six hours to complete. This is an online, on-demand course with no structured times for content delivery. Enrolment and access to the course will be confirmed by email within 24 hours of payment.

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