IIA Global Updates

by Tess Borges | Jan 21, 2022

Get Ready for Resilience

“Are We Ready? It’s Time for Internal Audit to Focus on Resilience Amid Extreme Change” explains business resilience versus business continuity. It also examines how stakeholder and board expectations have changed with recent disruption, and discusses how internal audit shifts the paradigm of thought to transform the organisation. 
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Gain Clarity on Compliance

This new Global Perspectives and Insights explains why a clear understanding of roles is critical to effective compliance and independent assurance. It includes analysis on applying the Three Lines Model’s Six Principles and practical illustrations from practitioners.
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Actual Solutions for Virtual Realities

Explore best practices for maintaining and strengthening audit/stakeholder relationships, and examine how the adoption of technology solutions is critical for addressing the remaining remote audit challenges. This report offers options for sustaining a positive workplace culture to meet the new realities of the remote workforce.
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Guide to Auditing Procurement in the Public Sector

Maintaining a system of effective, efficient, and ethical procurement is fundamental to the most economical delivery of quality goods and services to the public. This guide helps define internal audit’s role in an organisation’s procurement practices.
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NEW! Audit Life Balance Knowledge Brief

Download the latest Global Knowledge Brief from The IIA and Diligent (formerly Galvanize). “Audit Life Balance – Survey: Too much time spent on inefficient systems” captures how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many organisations do business, prioritize technology solutions, and even look at risk.
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