IIA-Australia White Paper – Internal Audit Independence Arrangements

The independence of Internal Audit is of interest to regulators, external scrutineers, and governments. Internal Audit is a part of the organisation, but must be independent of management if it is to perform its role effectively. This paper describes the arrangements that promote independence in in internal audit.

Auditing Risk Culture: A practical guide

The guide outlines several methodologies for a risk culture audit program, from a surface level assessment to a more comprehensive audit. In addition, this guide contains a Toolbox of risk culture audit techniques which should be of use to internal audit practitioners.

Effective Internal Auditing in the Public Sector – A good practice guide

We developed this publication, Effective Internal Auditing in the Public Sector: A good practice guide, primarily for department heads, chief executives or their equivalents in local councils, boards and other governing bodies, members of audit committees, managers with responsibility for internal audit, and internal audit staff.

Internal Audit Better Practice Guide for Financial Services in Australia

These recommendations set out internal audit practices for financial services entities in Australia. The Committee recognises, however, that different entities may legitimately adopt different practices, based on a range of factors, including their size, complexity, history and corporate culture.

Internal Audit In Australia

This publication provides guidance to assist organisations determine whether to have an internal audit function. For organisations that already have an internal audit function, it provides guidance on what is needed for effective internal audit.

Project Assurance

This IIA-Australia publication examines the concept of project assurance and why it is desirable to establish assurance activities for projects.