IIA-Australia Factsheet - Internal Audit Employer of Choice





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An Employer of Choice can be defined as ‘an organisation with a good reputation that candidates want to work for’.

Internal audit functions are competing for professional staff and technical specialists. They are competing with other organisations, other professions, and other parts of their organisation. For example, a talented individual may have options of both becoming an internal auditor or a project manager. How do we convince them to try internal auditing?

Key Points

  1. There is opportunity for chief executives to consider principles and ideas contained in this Factsheet and extend them to building their organisation as an employer of choice.
  2. If an organisation is known to be a good place to work – an employer of choice – it will become easier to recruit the right people. The organisation’s reputation will precede it.
  3. The principles and ideas in this Factsheet can be used to build an internal audit function that is an internal audit employer of choice.

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