IIA-Australia Factsheet - Internal Audit versus Program Evaluation

IIA-Australia Factsheet - Internal Audit versus Program Evaluation

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Internal Audit




Evaluation is at the heart of good policy and programs. It ensures we know whether services are effective, whether they are delivering value-for-money and whether they are meeting people’s needs. Knowing what works and what does not work enables policy makers and service deliverers to make better decisions. This ensures people are receiving the services they want and need and that money is well spent. A key intent of program evaluation is to provide an evidence base for informing investment decisions on government programs. Such decisions could result in programs being continued, redesigned or ceased.

Key Points

  1. There are parallels between internal audit and program evaluation:
  2. Program evaluation addresses the effectiveness and efficiency of the program. Internal audit can address these issues but the exact focus will be determined by the commissioning authority.
  3. This Factsheet compares the attributes of internal audit and program evaluation.

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