IIA-Australia White Paper - Auditing Projects

IIA-Australia White Paper - Auditing Projects

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Barry Davidow BCom, BAcc, MTaxLaw, ACA, CFE, CRMA, PFIIA, Advanced Diploma of Government (Management), Diplomas in Risk Management and Business Continuity, Government (Fraud Control), Government (Investigation) and International Financial Management.

Naveen Moda BCom, Chartered Accountant (CA ANZ), Diploma in Public Sector Management, Diploma in Investigation



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Internal Audit


White Paper


When auditing projects, it is a challenge to escape the confines of the procedural components of whichever project management methodology is being used. A framework for auditing projects is useful to help ensure that all of audit concerns are addressed in a logical and comprehensive manner.

Key Points

  1. The success of a project is traditionally considered in terms of three factors: cost, time and quality. 
  2. There are other important factors that should be included in an audit of a project.
  3. Even if all the deliverables of a project are produced, it does not mean the project’s purpose will be achieved.

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