IIA-Australia White Paper - Control Assessment: A Framework

IIA-Australia White Paper - Control Assessment: A Framework

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Michael Parkinson BSc (Hons), GradDipComputing, CIA, CISA, CRMA, CRISC, PFIIA



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Internal Audit


White Paper


This White Paper outlines a structured approach to analysis of individual controls against relevant risks, and points to a way that the auditor can make the necessary assessment.
The same process can be applied in assessing whether a proposed control will address an identified gap.

Key Points

  1. Control design is not only about so-called hard controls – processes and procedures – but also encompasses soft controls such as competency, ethics, and internal discipline and culture.
  2. Procedures to monitor the performance of controls are a necessary part of the control design.
  3. The framework provides the auditor with a mechanism to formally consider each aspect of control design, and provides a basis for making the assessment of whether a control system is adequate.

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