IIA-Australia White Paper - Digital Forensics Using Office 365

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Vishesh Verma BCom, CIA



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White Paper


This White Paper portrays the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 to collect evidence during an investigation. With stark prevalence of fraud in daily lives, risk, governance and compliance professionals are faced with a task of investigating cases far more complex than we have the resources and talent to handle.

Key Points

  1. With the increase in complexity and technology adoption by organisations, it is imperative that we make ourselves privy to the latest tools and techniques to manage associated risks in the organisation.
  2. Microsoft eDiscovery is one such tool that will help you expedite your investigation procedures and help you keep up with the pace of fraud perpetrators.
  3. There is great value in conducting investigations that are quick yet accurate. Leveraging eDiscovery by Microsoft can be a total game changer to reduce turnaround time with limited resources but still be able to deliver better results than when using other, extensive, investigation procedures.

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