IIA-Australia White Paper - Whistleblowing Programs

IIA-Australia White Paper - Whistleblowing Programs

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Dominic Lallo BJuris LLB

Nathan Luker



Topics Explored

Governance, Corruption, Fraud


White Paper


Establishing a whistleblowing program can send a powerful message demonstrating an organisation’s commitment to ethical behaviour and in compliance with relevant law. Observing and maintaining the program is confirmation of an organisation’s determination to conduct its business with integrity and respect.

Key Points

  1. Historically whistleblowing legislation in Australia has focused on the public sector with the Federal and State Governments enacting their respective disclosure legislation.
  2. New and significantly tougher whistleblowing laws for corporations in Australia officially came into effect on 1 July 2019.
  3. Whistleblowing has been poorly understood and subjected to bad publicity.
  4. Whistleblowers often need support and protection in what can be a traumatic and confronting experience.
    Provision should also be made for anyone who does not feel comfortable or safe in making a disclosure to do so using a process which allows the whistleblower to remain anonymous.

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