The IIA-Australia National Mentoring Program is committed to providing valuable advice and insights to internal auditors at all stages of their careers. We match mentees with suitable mentors and support them in their relationship during the term of the program.

Why get a Mentor? 

  • Helps build and develop your future career
  • Network with great minds and experts from the internal audit community;
  • Allows you to discuss your professional strengths and challenges with experienced professionals outside of your organisation; and
  • Gain valuable insights into the internal auditing profession.

Why become a Mentor? 

  • Share your experience and insight to help young internal auditors make the most of their career;
  • Enhance your skills – mentoring allows you to strengthen your leadership skills by assisting individuals from different backgrounds and with different personality types;
  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment knowing that you are giving back to the internal auditing community;
  • Network with other accomplished Mentors; and
  • Make a positive difference to a young internal auditor’s career.

High-level guidelines for the Mentoring program

  • Mentors will commit one hour of their time every two months to interact with their Mentees with a minimum of three hours over the six month period
  • Mentors and Mentees are responsible for ongoing contact during the program. The format of the relationship will be determined by the pair and may include e-mail, phone or face-to-face meetings. The Mentor may provide ad hoc advice
  • Mentors will reflect on and share their knowledge and experience to help with their Mentee’s career/professional goals
  • Mentors and Mentees should maintain respect for each other throughout the mentoring relationship

Privileged information shall remain confidential between the Mentor and Mentee at all times.

Interested in the program? Click here to read the IIA-Australia Mentoring Charter or contact us on [email protected]

Chapter Council Mentoring Program Goal Setting Template.