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This month we interview our new Chapter Council Chair, Niki Bingham, Director within Risk Advisory at Deloitte. 

1. Why did you decide on a career that involved internal audit?
I always wanted to have a career where I helped people – my mother was a doctor but I couldn’t stand the sight of blood (!) so I decided on a business career where I could help organisations improve their processes to make things better for their employees and stakeholders - internal audit fell nicely into that category. Although my main focus is on internal audit, its been great to see this expand more into enterprise-wide risk management which has taken me to some really interesting areas of my clients’ businesses.

2. How has internal audit helped you progress through your career? 
Like a lot of people in the profession, I started my career as an external auditor but then ended up working in the internal audit function of a large travel company in the UK (TUI Travel plc). It was my dream role at the time – I was in my 20s, no husband, no kids and I got to travel all over the world and use my languages.  What I loved the most though was the ability to walk into different businesses and look at their financial statements, internal processes and operations and work with them to improve these – seeing the results was rewarding in itself.  

I then married an Aussie and we moved to Australia where my internal audit experience helped me get a job in a Big 4 professional services firm. From then onwards, my career has gone from strength to strength. After having three children and working part-time for the past 10 years I have now taken on a global role which I know will lead to more exciting challenges and experiences.

3. What are the key skills you think an internal auditor needs? 
I think the most important skills are the soft skills – stakeholder management definitely (at all levels) and people skills. Technical skills can always be learnt but it’s the soft ones that really test you, especially as you climb the ladder and start taking on leadership positions.
4. Where do you see yourself going over the next few years? 
I am very happy where I am at the moment (at Deloitte) and excited about the global role I have just taken on so who knows where this will take me? It’s great working with Partners from other countries and quite fun leading a global team!

5. What is the one piece of advice you would provide to a new internal auditor coming into the profession? 
Internal audit is so broad now that I think the more experience you can get across an entity the better. For example, our grads at Deloitte work in different areas of Risk Advisory – internal audit, risk management, corporate governance, sustainability etc and so they get to experience a breadth of experience which makes their job more interesting and allows them to choose which area they want to specialise in.



  • Chair: Nicola Bingham MIIA(Aust) 
  • Vice Chair: John Chan PMIIA CIA
  • Sian Ashdown AMIIA
  • Kimberley Chandler AMIIA
  • Vivek Chopra AMIIA
  • Michael-Angel del Castillo PMIIA CIA
  • Vincent Lie MIIA(Aust)
  • Virginie Marley PMIIA CIA
  • Graham Mathews PMIIA
  • Gordon Pereira AMIIA
  • Liezel Samuel PMIIA CIA (Past Chair)
  • Kaiyo Sattha PMIIA CIA CGAP
  • Ripalkumar Shah AMIIA
  • Rowena Smallcombe PMIIA GradCertIA
  • Melissa Brooks AMIIA

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Nicola Bingham MIIA(Aust)  

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