Strategic Agenda

Strategic Agenda - IIA-Australia

Strategic Outcomes

Mission: To advance the profession and practice of internal auditing

Internal audit professionals are sought after as trusted advisors to boards and executives.

Guiding Principles

IIA-Australia must:

  • focus on delivering value to members in everything we do
  • represent the profession and promote its interests
  • enhance the Internal Audit brand (raise awareness of the Profession and the importance it plays in governance, risk and controls)
  • aim to operate in surplus
  • leverage technology to gain operational efficiency, effectiveness and economy
  • remain closely aligned to IIA-Global
  • operate according to appropriate values, ethical standards and codes of conduct
  • aim to have a majority of internal audit professionals as members (PMIIA).

Our Objectives
  1. Grow membership by delivering an enhanced and relevant membership experience (through member services).
  2. Build the profession of internal audit (through education and training and insights).
  3. Build brand awareness (through marketing and media campaigns).
  4. Engage effectively with strategic partners and stakeholders (through advocacy) to achieve 1, 2 & 3 above.
  5. Ensure sustainability of operations (by optimising our technological, financial and people resources).

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