Terms & Conditions

On booking your job ad with the IIA-Australia, recruiters and employers are required to agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
  1. E-alerts are sent to IIA-Australia members and non-members nationally via the fortnightly newsletters.
  2. Job adverts are included in the E-alerts and placed on the IIA-Australia website for the life of the ad or until the closing date. 
  3. IIA-Australia does not guarantee that the advertiser will find the right candidate by placing a job advert on the IIA-Australia website.
  4. Should parties be interested in any specific job or have queries relating to the role, they are advised to contact the advertiser directly and not IIA-Australia.
  5. Advertisers are required to provide a full job brief in MS Word and PDF versions to be received the day before the advertisement at the latest.
  6. Payment should be made in advance. A tax invoice can be supplied to the advertiser on request