GradCertIA Policies

This page contains all the key policies candidates need to be familiar with regard to the GradCertIA.


  P6 - Assessment Policy (PDF, 245KB)
  P13 - Fees & Tuition Assurance Policy (PDF, 466KB)
  P4 - Grievance Policy (PDF, 211KB)
  P1 - Plagiarism Policy (PDF, 207KB)
  P5 - Progression, Exclusion & Graduation Policy (PDF, 209KB)
  P2 - Selection & Admission Policy (PDF, 207KB)
  P8 - Support & Consultation Policy (PDF, 305KB)

Code of Conduct

  P14 - Code of Academic Conduct (PDF, 210KB)

Intellectual Property & Copyright

  P11 - Intellectual Property & Copyright Policy (PDF, 484KB)


  P12 - Privacy & Security of Information Policy (PDF, 278KB)

Quality Assurance 

  P7 - Quality Assurance Policy (PDF, 300KB)

Records and Document Management

  P3 - Records & Document Management Policy (PDF, 173KB)