Consulting Services

The IIA-Australia offers independent consulting services for independent five-year External Quality Assessments of Internal Audit functions as required by the Internal Audit Standards. This is the IIA-Australia primary service offering, and we have performed hundreds of these in the corporate and public sectors primarily in Australia but also in Bahrain, Brunei, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. The IIA-Australia is the leading provider of External Quality Assessment services in Australia.

The IIA-Australia can also provide consulting services for:

  • Setting-up a new internal audit function. 
  • Internal audit quality assurance activities. 
  • Internal audit foundations such as internal audit procedures and manuals. 
  • Informing an organisation on its upcoming tender process for internal audit services. 
  • Options for internal audit to better engage and partner with management. 
  • Approaches to internal audit planning. 
  • Assurance mapping and assurance strategy. 
  • Approaches to internal audit reporting and follow-up. 
  • Quality review of audit committee structure, capability and operations. 
The IIA-Australia is uniquely positioned to provide independent consulting services to chief audit executives, audit committees and chief executive officers in both corporate organisations and the public sector.

The IIA-Australia is well-placed to assist clients with its independence, international standing and profile, proven methodologies specific to internal auditing, and access to benchmarks and good practice guides. 

Our key points of difference

  • The IIA-Australia prides itself on its clear independence.
  • The IIA-Australia has been providing consulting services in Australia since 2002, with all our consultants hand-picked internal audit experts who have held senior internal audit management positions.
  • As part of the IIA Global, the IIA-Australia has access to a wide network of highly skilled and experienced internal audit practitioners extensively supported by global networks and leading-edge research.
  • The IIA-Australia offers its consulting services as a cost-effective fixed price arrangement and completes engagements within the prescribed timeframe and cost.
  • Our client feedback surveys receive an average positive rating in excess of 90%.

Why choose us

  •  Independent external quality assessments are what the IIA-Australia does; no other service provider knows more than we do about external quality assessments.
  •  We do not just tick off the Internal Audit Standards; we treat each external quality assessment as a genuine improvement process to build a better internal audit function. Where required, we provide an implementation roadmap in the report, together with tools, templates and advice to assist implementation of improvements and good practices.

  •  Leading practices we have observed elsewhere, that may be exportable to your organisation, can be provided, together with implementation assistance. There is no extra cost.

  •  The IIA-Australia has more experience performing external quality assessments of internal audit functions than anyone else. We provide similar services for audit committees, risk management, compliance, investigations, and business continuity functions.

  •  Our experienced consultants have been chief audit executives of significant organisations and are acknowledged in Australia and internationally as being at the leading-edge of Internal Audit innovation.

  •  The IIA-Australia provides copies of the ‘International Professional Practices Framework’ (IPPF) at no extra cost.

  •  The IIA-Australia can incorporate a 1.5 hour seminar on ‘Internal audit trends and good practices’ or ‘Governance and assurance’ at no extra cost. Certificates can be provided for continuing professional education (CPE).

  •  The IIA-Australia provides a follow-up service after the report is delivered. This means the IIA-Australia, if requested at a time after the review eg 6-12 months, would assess evidence provided by your organisation, and then update the maturity assessment included in the report. A brief report would be issued showing the revised maturity assessment. There is no extra cost for this service.

  •  The IIA-Australia provides an ongoing ‘after consultancy service’. This means the client can contact the IIA-Australia about matters related to the consulting engagement, or non-related matters, and receive priority attention, including formal written responses where necessary. This may include example methodologies, audit plans, tools and templates. There is no extra cost for this service.

Our consultants

The IIA-Australia has consultants it can draw on for independent consulting engagements related to internal audit, risk management and governance.

All are experienced internal audit professionals with years of senior level experience in a range of organisations and industries. All are experienced consultants able to interact confidently with chief executive officers, audit committee members, senior executives, chief audit executives, internal audit staff, and service providers.

They have been chief audit executives of significant organisations and most now serve on audit committees.

We would be pleased to provide consultant biographies to match your needs.

Contact Us

Looking to find out more about IIA-Australia consulting services, contact:
Kylie McRae
Manager, Consulting Services

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