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SOPAC 2019 Workshops

Post Conference Workshops

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

A choice of three post conference workshops are available as separately bookable sessions. The workshops are also open to those not attending SOPACĀ®.


WS1  Dectecting thunder before the storm - What the great internal audit departments do well


The role and stature of internal auditing has evolved significantly over the past decade. High peforming internal audit functions today often bear little resemblance to those of the past. Based on the results of socres of quality assessment benchmarkeing results, the presenter has compiled a profile of a high performing internal audit function and the characteristics these organisations share in common.


Key areas to be covered

  • Insights from internal audit benchmarking reports from around the globe
  • Overview of the changing nature of the profession and expectations in the future
  • Reflection on current internal auditing functions and identification of capability gaps
  • Strategies to move your internal audit from good to great

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how the expectations of key internal audit stakeholders have evolved over the past decade
  • Undestand how changing expectations and operating environments have driven change in leading internal audit functions
  • Be able to articulate ten characteristics of high performing internal audti functions and leading practices that mebody these characteristics
  • Comprehend some of the challenges in keeping a high performing internal audit function at the "front of the curve."

Presenter: Richard Chambers CIA QIAL CGAP CCSA CRMA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Internal Auditors (Global)




WS2 - Auditing project 

Increasingly, those who have risk-related roles are being asked to give assurance that project risks are being assessed, governed and minimised. At the end of this course participants will be highly project-risk aware and be able to add value to the project process.


Key areas to be covered

  • The internal audit role in projects and programs
  • Project lifecycle and methodologies
  • Project 3 lines of defence
  • Project auditing approaches
  • Probity auditing
  • Project governance
  • Project assurance
  • Case study 

Learning outcomes

  • Understand why project reporting is flawed
  • Undertand approaches to auditing projects and programs
  • Identify how risk materialises within live projects causing them to fall
  • Understand project governance
  • Learn approaches to project assurance
  • Learn approaches to project and program auditing

Presenter: Andrew Cox PFIIA CIA CGAP, Manager Quality, IIA-Australia



WS3 - Assessing the risk culture of your organisation

A clear, data-driven evaluation of the organisation's risk culture adds critical insight for Internal Auditors on emerging risks, effectiveness of controls and materiality of known risk management challenges. Robust methodologies for assessing culture have been evolving in recent years. This workshop will help shed light on how to approach this topic in the same systematic manner as other internal audit activities. 


Key areas to be covered

  • Key definitions and theory
  • Regulatory, operational and market trends influencing risk culture
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with risk culture (three lines of defence)
  • Determining minimum standards
  • Models and tools to assist assessment
  • Approaches to reporting and follow-up
  • Actions to support improvement where required 

Learning outcomes

  • Understand practical aspects of risk culture - Root causes and outcomes
  • Identify the role or risk appetite on risk culture
  • Evaluate a range of models for auditing risk culture
  • Formulate a plan to assess risk culture in your organisation
  • Develop a method for reporting on and monitoring risk culture improvement inititatives

Presenter: Elizabeth Arzadon, Managing Director, Kiel Advisory


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Duration and CPE: 3.00 hours

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