2019 Western Australia Internal Audit Conference - Presentation

Please find below copies of the presentations that have been made available by the speakers. 

Keynote 1 - Financial management leadership to drive sustainability
Michael Court, Deputy Under Treasurer, Department of Treasury Western Australia

Keynote 2 - The digital economy – Changing the view of assurance  
Panel session - presentation slides not used

Concurrent Session 1A - Project and program assurance
Nicole Lockwood, Chair, Westport Taskforce  

Concurrent Session 1B - Why climate change matters to business
Evan Stamatiou, Director, Carbon Risk Management 

Concurrent Session 2A - Cyber Security - Are we there yet?
David Dans, Chief Information Officer, Department of Education

Concurrent Session 2B - Modern Slavery Legislation - Ensuring you don't get caught out
Dr Leeora Black, Principal, Deloitte 

Concurrent Session 3A - Addressing health and wellness risk
Nicola Lynch, National Health Risk Assurance Leader, Partner, PwC, Amy Bryan AMIIA, Senior Consultant, PwC and Kate Civitella, Manager Assurance, PwC

Concurrent Session 3B - How big data helps fight and prevent fraud and abuse
Gavin Steinberg MIIA(Aust), Managing Director, Satori 

Concurrent Session 4A - Integrated assurance – Risk and audit working together
Tom Rayner, Partner, Deloitte Risk Advisory and Herman De Jager, Manager – Audit Operations, Woodside

Concurrent Session 4B - Customer experience – A new lens for internal audit 
Panel session - presentation slides not used

Keynote 3 - Culture and governance– auditing the intangible (World Café Session) 
Discussion session - presentation slides not used

Keynote 4 - Diversity of thought - Thinking outside the box
Fadzi Whande, Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategist