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February 2019

05-Feb-2019 to 08-Feb-2019 Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Melbourne More info/register
12-Feb-2019 Audit Analytics Canberra More info/register
19-Feb-2019 to 22-Feb-2019 Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Sydney More info/register

March 2019

04-Mar-2019 to 07-Mar-2019 Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Brisbane More info/register
24-Mar-2019 to 27-Mar-2019 SOPAC 2019 Sydney More info/register

April 2019

02-Apr-2019 to 05-Apr-2019 Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Adelaide More info/register
04-Apr-2019 to 05-Apr-2019 Writing Internal Audit Reports Sydney More info/register

May 2019

03-May-2019 Assurance Mapping Canberra More info/register
09-May-2019 to 10-May-2019 Writing Internal Audit Reports Melbourne More info/register
29-May-2019 to 30-May-2019 Operational and Performance Auditing Melbourne More info/register

June 2019

11-Jun-2019 to 14-Jun-2019 Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Sydney More info/register
13-Jun-2019 to 14-Jun-2019 Writing Internal Audit Reports Adelaide More info/register
20-Jun-2019 to 21-Jun-2019 Enterprise and Risk Management Brisbane More info/register
24-Jun-2019 to 27-Jun-2019 Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Perth More info/register
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