Call for Authors

An opportunity to get your technical paper published by the IIA-Australia.

Over past years the Institute of Internal Auditors-Australia (IIA-Australia) has made a concerted effort to develop a range of professional reference materials for example:

  • Factsheets
  • White Papers
  • 20 Critical Questions

Feedback is very positive and confirms that these resources are valued and a good addition to the body of knowledge around internal audit, risk management, governance, compliance and other topics.

The IIA-Australia is continually adding new content.

Technical publications are viewed in Australia and internationally. The IIA-Australia often receives requests from IIA Affiliates in other countries to translate technical publications for their Members.

We are seeking authors to write White Papers and contribute to other publications – this is a great opportunity for IIA-Australia Members to contribute and at the same time get recognition for their effort. It’s something useful to include on your CV.

The IIA-Australia has a sound process around technical publication development:

  • Any relevant topic will be considered – the IIA-Australia does not insist on particular topics.
  • Expert peer review and editing is built-in to the process.
  • ‘Time to market’ is fast – a draft technical paper sent to the IIA-Australia would generally be published within one month.
  • The author is acknowledged in the technical paper.

If you’d like to have a go, you are welcome to contact IIA-Australia Technical Services Manager Andrew Cox who will be happy to talk with you.