IIA-Australia Factsheet - ICT Disaster Recovery Testing





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ICT Disaster Recovery relates directly to Business Continuity which is the overarching arrangements to be enacted when a business disruption, disaster situation or crisis has a major impact on business operations that flows to service delivery. It is the process an organisation puts in place so essential activities can continue during and after an unforeseen event or disaster situation.

Key Points

  1. All organisations are reliant on technology and many organisations that lose access to their technology for a prolonged period never recover.
  2. ICT Disaster Recovery is an important activity for every organisation reliant on technology.
  3. ICT Disaster Recovery testing is imperative to ensuring the technology environment can recover technology systems following a disaster event.
  4. A Disaster Recovery Test Schedule should be developed to ensure testing actually happens.
  5. Scheduled maintenance and real-life disaster events should never be a substitute for Disaster Recovery testing.
  6. Accountability and transparency are enhanced when Disaster Recovery test results are distributed to organisation decision-makers and the audit committee after tests are completed.

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