Core Principles

IIA-Australia Core Principles

The Core Principles for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, taken as a whole, describe internal audit effectiveness. 

For an internal audit function to be considered effective, all Principles should be achieved. How an internal auditor, as well as an internal audit activity, demonstrates achievement of the Core Principles may vary from organisation to organisation, but failure to achieve any of the Principles would imply that an internal audit activity was not as effective as it could be in achieving internal audit’s mission (see Mission of Internal Audit):

  • Demonstrates integrity.
  • Demonstrates competence and due professional care.
  • Is objective and free from undue influence (independent).
  • Aligns with the strategies, objectives, and risks of the organisation.
  • Is appropriately positioned and adequately resourced.
  • Demonstrates quality and continuous improvement.
  • Communicates effectively.
  • Provides risk-based assurance.
  • Is insightful, proactive, and future-focused.
  • Promotes organisational improvement.