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IIA-Australia Software Directory

The following is a list of companies that provide internal auditing software packages and the products that they currently offer.

Wolters Kluwer - TEAMMATE

As part of the Tax and Accounting Division of Wolters Kluwer, TeamMate help professionals in all industries at organizations around the world manage audit and compliance risks and business issues by providing targeted, configurable, and efficient software solutions. Solutions include TeamMate+ Audit, TeamMate+ Controls, and TeamMate Analytics. Together, this ecosystem of solutions provides organizations with the combined assurance they need to manage all aspects of risk identification and assessment, electronic working paper creation and management, controls framework management, and data analysis.

TeamMate+ Audit was built around the concept of visibility both at the departmental and organizational level. At the department level, dashboards provide status updates for your audit assignments and helps you manage daily activity, linking it all back to the overall audit plan. Department leaders have instant access to the critical information they need to manage their teams including: ongoing audit work, tracked issues, staff availability, assignments, and more. At the organizational level, TeamMate+ Audit enables different assurance providers to work together to see what other risk groups are doing as well as provides visibility into departments outside of Internal Audit. This interconnectedness inspires collaboration between previously disparate audit, risk management and compliance processes and accelerates an organization’s success in identifying and managing potential risk.

TeamMate+ Controls is the Controls Management software you have been waiting for to address your financial reporting needs. The highly flexible design and dynamic working view allow for quick access to relevant data and for performing multiple activities from a single screen. TeamMate+ Controls easily manages other compliance management activities where identification, evaluation, testing and certification reporting are required.Designed and developed with extensive input from experienced controls management software users, this Controls Management software can be used as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrated with TeamMate+ Audit as part of our Combined Assurance offering.

TeamMate Analytics is a suite of more than 150 Computer Aided Audit Tools (or CAATs) that allows all auditors to perform powerful data analysis to deliver significant value for their team, their internal or external clients and their organization as a whole. Once installed, TeamMate Analytics is there to help you every time you open Excel. You will see is a new tab added to the Excel Ribbon bar, which gives you access to all the TeamMate Analytics tools. Unlike other solutions, which require programming and DBA skills, TeamMate Analytics can be used by every auditor in your department.


The Protiviti Governance Portal is a comprehensive software platform that integrates content and commonly accepted and proprietary frameworks with world-class consulting expertise. It provides organisations with the visibility and insight needed to manage and mitigate critical risk and compliance issues today and in the future.

Protiviti delivers solutions that leverage the experience of our expert consultants who have worked with thousands of global clients. The Governance Portal has the built-in knowledge needed to deliver targeted GRC software solutions that address your immediate needs while facilitating convergence toward fully integrated, value-added GRC practices.



ACL is widely recognised as the global premier Audit and Data Analytics solution. ACL software solutions enables the comprehensive, independent testing and monitoring of all transactional data, providing organisations the ability to validate the effectiveness of internal controls whilst offering total data assurance.

Satori Group is the primary distributor of ACL in Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands. Satori’s ACL clients include Coca Cola Amatil, Metcash, Toyota, JB HiFi and Westpac.


Pentana enables internal auditors to efficiently and effectively manage the entire internal audit cycle. Features such as centralising data, risk assessment, action tracking and scheduling of tasks and resources combine to greatly improve the quality of audits and give users the ability to do more audits with the same team.

Satori Group is the exclusive distributor of Pentana in Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands. Satori’s Pentana clients include the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Harvey Norman, Brisbane City Council and Air Services Australia.


Continuous Control Monitoring is a vital solution for organisations with large volumes of transactional data. SatoriCCM constantly monitors key business areas to identify abnormal transactions, which are then work flowed to complete mitigation. It provides the assurance that the processes and policies are working effectively and that all exceptions are followed up in a structured and timely manner.

Satori Group is the exclusive distributor of SatoriCCM in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. Companies who use SatoriCCM include Coca Cola Amatil, Metcash, Energex and Queensland Health.


CaseWare IDEA

IDEA® Data Analysis Software is a powerful and user-friendly data analysis tool designed to help auditors perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns.

IDEA allows you to analyse 100% of your data, guarantees data integrity and provides easy analysis with over 100 audit-relevant tasks.

IDEA SmartAnalyzer offers an extensive set of routines for the analysis of general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets and accounts payable transactions that can be used to improve audit quality and consistency


MKinsight Audit Management System

MKinsight Audit Management System has emerged as world class audit management system.  Its success is based upon user friendliness, intuitiveness, modern technology, single user interface / database, web enabled but not web dependent functionality, full configurability and unique scoring methodology.

MKinsight allows internal auditors to manage complete audit process, including audit planning, audit scheduling, audit management, audit field work, audit reporting and audit follow-up, and risk managers and business units to build risk registers which are fully integrated with audit process.


Arbutus Analyzer

Arbutus Analyzer is a powerful data access and analysis solution that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to access and analyse data quickly and simply. Its robust performance and easy to use features give you the shortest route to answers in your data.  While a relatively new product, it has a familiar interface and those experienced in other audit packages will find this easy to learn and use.  Arbutus Analyzer is used as part of a desktop-based analytics approach that gives users of all levels the ability and confidence to perform difference-making analyses. When used with Arbutus server technology (Enterprise Edition), Analyzer operates as a seamless interface to support and manage centralised analytics..


Survey Design and Analysis Services provides data analysts, researchers and auditors a range of leading qualitative and quantitative, data and business analytics tools to gain greater insights from their data.  Survey Design and Analysis Services is the Australian and New Zealand distributors for Arbutus Software Inc, StataCorp LC, Circle Systems Inc and Provalis Research.



The Protecht Group is a leader in Enterprise Risk Management Software and Services that enables organisations to achieve their strategic objectives through efficient, effective and agile Risk Management. Protecht.ERM™ allows companies to seamlessly integrate risk management into their day-to-day activities and gain operating efficiencies through its flexible web-based forms, workflow engine and highly adaptable reports and dashboards that can provide a holistic, Risk in Motion™ view of risks and controls – from assessments, continual monitoring, incidents, assurance and audit findings.

Protecht is more than a software company, we guide you through your risk management journey.



Established in 2004, Solisma is Australia’s leading independent provider of integrated Service Management solutions based on best practice frameworks and international standards including ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 and related frameworks and standards for ICT Governance, Risk, Compliance, Quality, Information Security, Infrastructure, Asset, Service Automation and Management.

Solisma’s Service Improvement Manager (SIM), is a cloud-based software solution used by a growing number of organisations worldwide. SIM helps to effectively and easily deliver Integrated Assurance across four essential areas of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Quality (GRC+Q).

SIM helps overcome process and functional silos to achieve enhanced collaboration and integration across your organisation.