IIA-Australia White Paper - Procurement Integrity (Probity)

IIA-Australia White Paper - Procurement Integrity (Probity)

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Andrew CoxMBA, MEC, GradDipSc, GradCertPA, DipBusAdmin, DipPubAdmin, AssDipAcctg, CertSQM, PFIIA, CIA, CISA, CFE, CGAP, CSQA, MACS Snr, MRMIA



Topics Explored

Risk Management, Conflicts of Interest, Corruption


White Paper


For public and shareholder trust, decisions must be made with probity. Probity means decisions are made with integrity, honesty and fairness in the pursuit of getting value-for-money. It is imperative tenders and procurements are and are seen to be transparent and accountable.

Key Points

  1. Probity is evidence of ethical behaviour in a process, and is defined as ‘complete and confirmed integrity, uprightness and honesty’.
  2. A probity adviser provides advice on issues which may arise before and during the procurement.
  3. A probity auditor is self-directing and exercise a higher level of independence than a probity adviser.

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