Who do you trust? Really?

Australians are naturally sceptical, especially when we can’t see the evidence with our own eyes. So it’s no surprise that the 2023 Roy Morgan report on Most Trusted Brands reveals that brick-and-mortar businesses are generally trusted more than technology businesses.  

Bunnings secured the top spot for most trusted brand – you can’t get more ‘see it with your own eyes’ than that. On the other end of the spectrum, we find tech companies whose positions are largely influenced by issues such as tech failure, perceived unethical practicesand poor customer service. The report underscores that trust is a delicate balance, influenced by a company’s actions and public perception. 

Sounds like a job for internal audit!  

In a twist on an anonymous quote, “In Internal Audit, we trust, and all others we virus scan”.   

Australia’s most and least trusted brands 2023 – tech does not fare well (Trust series) – Cybershack