Effective Interviewing for Internal Auditors (Available Anytime)

Internal auditors have a great eye for detail and are highly skilled at reviewing data. But when it comes to interviews, their experience is usually built from studying interviews performed by other internal auditors. With interviews playing such a pivotal role in identifying control failures and fraud, focused training in interviewing techniques is vital to […]

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Report Writing for Internal Auditors (Communicating Internal Audit Results) Available Anytime 2023

Ever written an Internal Audit report that has not quite hit the mark? Do readers misinterpret your messages? Or are you new to Internal Audit and looking for guidance on how to deliver your audit findings efficiently and effectively?  The Internal Audit report is the primary deliverable of each Internal Audit assignment, but it is not an easy thing to do well. […]

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Webinar Recording: Cloud Security and Governance: Mitigating Risks and Enhancing Efficiency

As organisations increasingly adopt Cloud services to optimise their ICT operations, they are faced with the challenge of managing Cloud-related risks while maintaining efficiency.   This comprehensive webinar aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding of Cloud designs, risks, and controls. It will explore the vital connection between cybersecurity and the Cloud environment and […]

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Audit Committee Training – Online Classroom

Developed and newly updated to address the changing professional development needs of audit committees, this Audit Committee Training course is an essential learning tool for anyone joining an Audit Risk Committee, newly appointed members or veterans looking to refresh their ARC thinking with current best practice. This course was designed by Stephen Horne, one of Australia’s preeminent auditing specialists with […]

Webinar: Performing a Psychosocial Internal Audit

Are you looking to enhance your comprehension of psychosocial internal audit procedures? Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the expert and enhance your audit skills and contribute to the well-being and success of your organisation.  Join our upcoming webinar for a comprehensive overview of conducting a psychosocial internal audit. This session will cover the […]

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Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Online – October 2023

Course access opens  : 01 October 2023Completion by date    : 31 October 2023 This course is eligible for an assessment-based Microcredential. To know more, click Microcredentials or contact us at [email protected] us for the Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Online, the most convenient way to build your understanding of the internal audit process and its key aspects. Delivered over four weeks and […]

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Soft Skills for Success Series: Building Effective Client Relationships

Now more than ever the ability to connect with clients and stakeholders has never been greater; trust has been shaken in the auditing sector and your clients and stakeholders will be looking to you to help restore their faith.  Join Rum Charles and Simon Rennie for an Interactive, insightful webinar designed exclusively for internal auditors […]

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