Public Training Courses

Ongoing learning is important in any profession and IIA-Australia offers an extensive range of targeted professional development training courses for internal audit, risk management and governance professionals.

Learning is available for professionals at different stages of their career from entry level through to advanced level.

IIA-Australia professional development courses are an effective way to fulfil Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements. 

List of Training Courses

We offer a range of different training courses on topics relevant to internal audit.

Upcoming Training Courses

IIA-Australia has scheduled a variety of high quality training courses across the States and online.

Audit Committee Training – Online Classroom

Developed and newly updated to address the changing professional development needs of audit committees, this Audit Committee Training course is an essential learning tool for anyone joining an Audit Risk Committee, newly appointed […]

Assurance Mapping – Online Classroom

Are there gaps in your assurance framework that could potentially expose your organisation?Assurance mapping is a tool that enables Internal Auditors to visually present all assurance activities of the organisation, […]

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