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Professional Guidance

The Institute of Internal Auditors issued the new ‘Global Internal Audit Standards’ on 9 January 2024.  The new Standards take effect from January 2025 and are the central component of a new ‘International Professional Practices Framework’ (IPPF).

The IPPF is a framework providing a structural blueprint and coherent system that facilitates the consistent development, interpretation, and application of a body of knowledge useful to a discipline or profession. The IPPF organises the authoritative body of knowledge, promulgated by The Institute of Internal Auditors, for the professional practice of internal auditing. The IPPF includes Global Internal Audit Standards, Topical Requirements, and Global Guidance.

Further details can be found at:

The New IPPF looks like this:


IAassist is a member service to:

  • Answer technical questions related to governance, internal audit, risk management, audit committees, compliance, fraud, corruption and other relevant topics.
  • Provide Members with expert technical information based on standards, experience, networks and good practices.
  • Make practical information and research available to Members.
  • Provide Members with tools and templates that can be effectively implemented in their internal audit work.

How does it work?

Members simply email their questions or request to: [email protected]

We will get back to you within two calendar days and, in most cases, should be able to respond fully within seven calendar days.

Some more complex questions may take longer to answer, however, the IIA-Australia will keep you informed along the way.

Call for Authors

An opportunity to get your technical paper published by the IIA-Australia.

The Institute of Internal Auditors-Australia (IIA-Australia) is a major contributor to the body of knowledge around internal audit and GRC through professional publications such as:

  • Factsheets
  • White Papers
  • 20 Critical Questions

Feedback is very positive and confirms that these resources as valued additions to the body of knowledge around internal audit, risk management, governance, compliance and other topics.

Technical publications are valued in Australia and internationally. The IIA-Australia often receives requests from IIA Affiliates in other countries to translate technical publications for their Members.

The IIA-Australia is continually adding new content.

White Paper

We are seeking authors to write White Papers and contribute to other publications – this is a great opportunity for IIA-Australia Members to contribute and at the same time get recognition for their effort. You can claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits and it’s something useful to include on your CV.

The IIA-Australia has a rigorous process around technical publication development:

  • Any relevant topic will be considered – the IIA-Australia does not insist on particular topics.
  • Expert peer review and editing is built-in to the process.
  • ‘Time to market’ is fast – a draft technical paper sent to the IIA-Australia would generally be published within one month.

If this is something you might like to consider, you are welcome to contact IIA-Australia Technical Services Manager Andrew Cox who will be happy to talk with you.