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Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Online

Starting your career in internal auditing, or know someone who is?

Join us for the Fundamentals of Internal Auditing Online, the most convenient way to build your understanding of the internal audit process and its key aspects.

Delivered over four weeks and entirely online, you will work through ten interactive modules over a total of 18 – 21 hours with a cohort of fellow participants. The online environment will feature a mix of self-paced learning, interactive chat forums and access to an expert trainer who will guide you through the entire process of performing an effective internal audit.

Using the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and industry-leading white papers you will learn the foundations of effective internal auditing, as well as cover the roles of risks, internal controls, interpersonal and client relationship skills in auditing.

All materials used will be yours to keep for future reference.

Effective Interviewing for Internal Auditors

With interviews playing such a pivotal role in identifying control failures and fraud, focused training in interviewing techniques is vital.

Internal auditors have a great eye for detail and are highly skilled at reviewing data. But when it comes to interviews, their experience is usually built from studying interviews performed by other internal auditors.

This training course allows internal auditors to work at their own pace and schedule to develop skills in drawing out vital information and understanding the physical and verbal cues that indicate the omission of facts or outright deception in an interview.

Report Writing for Internal Auditors

Ever written an Internal Audit report that has not quite hit the mark? Do readers misinterpret your messages?

The report is the primary deliverable of each Internal audit assignment, but it is not an easy thing to do well. A well-written report can enhance the credibility of both you and the Internal audit function, whereas a badly written report can have the opposite effect. Do not let all that effort you put into your fieldwork go to waste!

This practical course gives you hands-on experience in developing effective audit reports with a minimum 
of fuss.

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Effective Interviewing for Internal Auditors

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