Affiliate Membership

Work closely with internal audit but not an internal auditor?

IIA-Australia’s Affiliate Membership is for professionals who work closely with internal audit practitioners.

Affiliate Membership is open to all non-internal audit practitioners who work closely with internal auditors. These may include:

  • Members of audit committees
  • C-suite executives
  • Non-audit professionals who work closely with internal auditors (human resources, training and development, support staff, ICT, financial, legal, engineering, risk management, security, health and safety etc.)

The benefits of Affiliate Membership include networking with internal auditors, gaining a better understanding of the internal audit profession and what it has to offer, and membership discount opportunities.

If you join under Affiliate Membership, you will not hold a PMIIA or AMIIA and you will not have voting rights.

To be eligible for Affiliate Membership, you must meet our skills and experience criteria.

2023/2024 FEES

$ 435 Annually
  • $110 joining fee


IIA-Australia connects internal auditors with other internal audit professionals


IIA-Australia supports internal auditors’ personal and professional development goals


IIA-Australia advances the profession and practice of internal auditing


For more information about membership of IIA-Australia, contact us:
 [email protected]
 +61 2 9267 9155

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