Webinars are a great way to expand your knowledge and keep on top of current issues

The session is very informative at this time where technology has advanced into AI. Such sessions will help us as Internal Auditors to be prepared for emerging risks that comes along in the corporate world. Our team will be tuning in for the webinar next month also, which we are really looking forward to. Such a fascinating emerging area. Great work on organizing such relevant and timely learning opportunities!

Regardless of location, members enjoy a sense of community and interactive learning without the inconvenience of travel and the opportunity cost of being out of the office.

To maximise learning outcomes, each Webinar training session incorporates the following key components of effective learning:

  • active engagement
  • audience participation
  • frequent interaction and feedback
  • connection to real-world experts
  • comfortable and non-threatening learning environment

Most sessions run for one hour and are scheduled at a time mutually convenient for audiences in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand and similar time zones. 

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