IIA-Australia White Paper - Auditing Operational Effectiveness

IIA-Australia White Paper - Auditing Operational Effectiveness

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Barry Davidow BCom, BAcc, MTaxLaw, ACA, CFE, CRMA, PFIIA, Advanced Diploma of Government (Management), Diplomas in Risk Management and Business Continuity, Government (Fraud Control), Government (Investigation) and International Financial Management.

Naveen Moda BCom, Chartered Accountant (CA ANZ), Diploma in Public Sector Management, Diploma in Investigation



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Internal Audit


White Paper


Auditing the effectiveness of operations is a core activity in operational and performance auditing, and is arguably the most challenging of the areas of focus. This White Paper provides guidance to help ensure that auditors meet the expectations of management and other relevant audit stakeholders when auditing effectiveness.

Key Points

  1. Economy and efficiency are usually easy to control and measure, and are therefore relatively easy to audit.
  2. Effectiveness is typically more difficult.
  3. Auditors should ensure they look below the surface to the most important outcomes and effectiveness measures.
  4.  It is essential to consider both soft controls and hard controls.

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